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Know what....?

I don't understand why most beach cottage blog sites come from Australia. Don't get me wrong, I love Australia and hope to go there one day but we have beaches, too. :o)

Does anyone have any good links to any "how to" blogs of how to decorate and... well crap, I can't think of how I need to say what I want. I mean, I love vintage decor, cottage decor, vintage beach decor, flea market and thrifty decor. I guess what I'm trying to say is, does anyone have any good tutorial sites on how to do this kind of stuff? Or even how to place things. You see, when it comes to decorating, I have NO IDEA of how to do it. I can't even place my furniture right. It stinks :o)

I live in central Ohio. I've done so many searches of (what is it called...) architectural scrap places, I guess. I can't find any. There's a lot of thrift stores and I plan on going to those but I would love to go to one of those "stores". It's architetural salvage yard! YAY ME!! Oh, and I hate going to yard sales. When my sister and I were little our mom would drag us from yard sale to yard sale. A friend of mine loves it and gets many great things from them. I guess I need to get away from the "hate to" and just go.

If anyone can help me out I would love it. :o)


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