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My Craft Room

I am definitely working on my craft room today. I really need to get it done so that I can get the rest of the stuff built. Either me or hubby are going to put in a really nice L shaped desk and then put up more shelves. I would really love to have some of those JetMax cubes  from Michael's. That'll never happen. Hubby won't pay $30/cube. I'm sure we, he, or me could make something similar. I just want my room to be pretty, know what I mean? Here's a picture of what my room looks like now.

It's a mess, huh? Oh, see that blue dresser? I re-done that. It was horrible looking. I painted it and replaced the original dresser hardware with porcelain knobs and also put some wallies on it. It's not that bad.

Anyway, there's this scrapbooking forum I go to at Scrapbook.com that has a gallery of so many gorgeous rooms. Mine will never look like any of them cuz I don't have an eye for decorating at all. I'm hopeless. LOL

I need to get busy. TTFN! XOXOXO


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