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I've been blog hopping. I'm wondering why am I being sent to sites that I can't read??? They're in foreign languages (yes, languages plural). I only know english. How is it that you can get only certain types of blogs? Say I want to see types of DIY stuff? How do I find it, other than using a search engine. Sometimes search engines suck. You search for the exact thing you want and maybe the first two sites are what you want and then everything below that is different. I know about searching for exact things in quotes. Usually nothing comes up but "try searching without quotes". 
Oh well, off I go on another blog hunt. Wish me luck. :o) 

You know when you decorate in that shabby chic style and then there's that perfect blue-green or aqua color? I see it all the time on those shabby sites but I can never find it. Or how bout that grayish bluish color that the designers on HGTV use? Shit, what's his name? Hold on, I'll go find it... David Bromstad (love, love, love him!!!). He always uses that perfect color. I'll find it. Whenever I go to Home Depot or Lowes I look. I know my hubby gets irritated with me. He always says "no point in looking if we haven't bought the house yet". I like to look and look and look.....

Ok, I just seen something hilarious! My cat, Katt, just used the litter box. OMG!! He balanced all four feet on the edge of the box and took a, well, a number two, too be polite about it. As soon as I can find my cord I'll put the pic up for you (yeah, I had to take a pic) :o)


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