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What I'm Getting Into Today

Today I'm going to be making cloth bags for the guys at the fire department who are on the s.w.a.t. team. These are for their gas masks. I've already made one and that's for hubby. 
Yesterday we went and looked at motorcycles. One in particular to be exact. Hubby just sold his Yamaha Roadstar a few days ago. Ever since he seen the Venture, he decided that is the bike he wants. He's also thinking about me cuz of the seat on the back. Here's a picture, it looks exactly like the one we're looking at.

Isn't it pretty? The picture doesn't do it justice. Anyway, if hubby gets approved for the loan we'll be picking it up and my sewing will be interrupted once again. Such is life, right? Also, if he gets approved he'll be buying my plane ticket to Connecticut. YAY!!!! The money I'll be making from the bags will be my spending money. I'll make about $30-$35 per bag. Cha Ching$$$$, right?? :o)

Ok, I gotsta go take a shower! TTFN!!! XOXOXOX 


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