Hoping to create my life and home to the best of my perfectionistic (so not a word but I like it) style.

What should I get into today?

Today I think I might paint my scraproom. It's a very pretty pink. It's called Powder Pink by Glidden. 
Here's a pic of my room and also the shelving system my hubby made me. Hold on, gotta find it first.

Awesome, huh?? Yeah, I think so too. I think I'll keep him around for a little while longer :o). I think my next project for him is to be this Farm Bed that can be seen at Knock Off Wood.  Why don't you jump on over there and tell Ana how awesome she is. 

OK, Imma gonna go jump on the elliptical and watch some Dr. Oz (love him) then figure out what I'm gonna do. XOXOXO!!!


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